YEARS OF TRIAL: Japan in the 1990s
Years of Trial: Japan in the 1990s. Tokyo: Japan Echo Inc., 2000. 350 pages, paperback. $25.00.
Years of Trial: Japan in the 1990s edited by Masuzoe Yoichi, will be published in early April 2000 by Japan Echo Inc. Looking back at the change that swept through Japan during the last turbulent decade and examining the nation as it charts its course for the twenty-first century, Years of Trial is a selection of essays from the English-language journal Japan Echo, which since 1974 has presented translations of key Japanese commentary and other articles on the country's society, economy, government, and culture.
The essays paint a comprehensive picture of the last 10 years and are accompanied by new pieces commissioned especially for the book. Years of Trial will prove valuable to researchers specializing in Japanology, Asian studies, or international relations, as well as anyone interested in the recent history of Japan.

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